• LIG Salon in Kathmandu

    We call on all entities involved in promoting
    open governance to join the OpenGov 360° initiative

    Together, we will share ideas and inspire a paradigm shift in open government.

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  • Welcome to Open Gov 360

    Open Government
    should include everyone.

    That's why we are promoting
    solutions that include the Global South.

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  • Accountability Lab in Liberia

    The mission of Open Gov 360° is to ensure that
    open governance initiatives incorporate low-tech strategies.

    Otherwise, much of
    the world is left out.

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  • OGPSummit

    Open Gov 360 to attend Open Government Partnership's 2013 London Summit

    Oct 31 - Nov 1

    The event will bring together participants from around the world. More than 60 countries will be represented.

  • The Origins of Open Government

    How has Open Government Evolved? This Diagram gives one Explanation.


    As you can see from this graphic, traditional models of open government rely heavily on technology. Credit: justgrimes/flickr

  • Kavre Corruption Results

    What Model for the South? Pranav Budhathoki, of Local Interventions Group explains.


    A snap survey conducted by LIG in Nepal predictably reveals that in average 87% of the public are unaware of the money that the government is spending...

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  • What Does Open Gov Mean to You?

    Contribute to Open Government: Global Perspectives, OpenGov 360's first inaugural publication


    To be released next spring, this publication covers the challenges and the successes of working in open government


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Perspectives on Open Government

  • "Open Data, accessed via a free and open Web, has the potential to create a better world.
    However, best practice in London or New York is not necessarily best practice in Lima or Nairobi."

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee > Read Article
  • "Official information that enhances people's capacity to exercise their rights belongs in the public domain.
    This information must be accessible and understandable."

    United Nations Development Programme, 2004 > View Report
  • "The days when governments could blithely set out plans and commitments and not expect to be held to account when they're not met have gone. We expect to be challenged on our priorities and how we deliver them.
    This is what will make transparency stick."

    Francis Maude > Read Article
  • "if you depend on any centralised data source, even one run by the world’s richest and most-powerful government,
    it can fail and leave you cut off."

    David Megginson > View Blog

Open Gov 360° has Four Major Goals:


To widen the scope of open government programmes that are conducted around the world to include both high and low tech open government solutions.


To affect a change in donor policy that would require governments that receive foreign aid to become members of the Open Government Partnership.

Collective Action

To bring organizations, governments and individuals together to share ideas and inspire a new paradigm of how to achieve open government.


To inspire creative low-tech solutions to engage those in the Global South without access to technology.

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